Nexus membership is...

an expansive title that indicates you or your organization’s connection to our work. While Nexus membership comes in many forms, you can learn the basics below, and reach out for more information when you’re ready.

Free of cost.

While the Nexus welcomes philanthropic investment by its collaborative partners, Nexus membership does not require financial contribution. We want all perspectives brought into our work, and are committed to eliminating cost barriers to engagement. Nexus members never have to pay a dime.

Tailored to you.

Every Nexus member is unique. We’ll work with you to determine how you can get the greatest benefit out of your engagement with our projects and our network, without straining your organization’s capacity.

Open to all.

Our work relies on varied perspectives and multi-faceted expertise. Wherever your knowledge comes from, we want it to be part of our projects. If you’re not sure how you can connect to the Nexus, but you value our mission, reach out to us. We’ll brainstorm with you!

A unique opportunity.

Nexus membership can be beneficial to your work in more ways than one. Not only do Nexus members help shape the future of the workforce development, education, and business ecosystems by collaborating and offering expert feedback on our projects, but they also:

  • Gain access to a highly engaged, expert network of Nexus members who are interested in collaborative work.

  • Leverage Nexus projects to plug into and uplift their existing work in flexible, customized ways – make our work, work for you!

  • Receive valuable insights on workforce development, education, and business through engagement with our products and ongoing learnings.

Our structure

The Innovation Nexus is made up of Nexus staff, who do the daily work of project maintenance; and Nexus members, who constitute the Governing Board, Advisory Committees, and informal collaborators that drive all of our work.

Nexus Governing Board

The Nexus Governing Board is a central, formalized space for collaboration at The Innovation Nexus. Discussions and decisions from the Governing Board determine the direction of the Nexus as an organization.

Governing Board members convene quarterly with dates selected based on members’ availability, with additional opportunities for engagement always available.

Examples of topics the Governing Board may discuss include feasibly of a potential new project, goals and priorities for the Nexus overall, sustainability plans for the Nexus and its projects, and ways that the Nexus can serve as helpful supportive infrastructure for our shared ecosystem in pursuit of economic equity in our region.

Project Advisory Committees

Project Advisory Committees are formalized spaces for collaboration at The Innovation Nexus and center on specific projects maintained by Nexus staff. Discussions and decisions from Project Advisory Committees determine the direction of Nexus projects. There is one Advisory Committee for each project at the Nexus.

Project Advisory Committee members convene quarterly. Occasional, optional requests for time may be made of specific Advisory Committee members between convenings based on member expertise in a particular area of challenge or opportunity for the project. Additional opportunities for engagement are always available.

Examples of topics a Project Advisory Committee may discuss include possible improvements to the design of, function of, and/or communications about a specific project; possible expansions of a project's scope and/or features; methods for evaluating and integrating stakeholder feedback; and ways the project can uplift members' work.

Informal collaborators

Informal collaborators of the Nexus are organizations, institutions, and/or individuals who participate in the Nexus without taking part in a formalized convening structure (i.e. the Governing Board and Project Advisory Committees)

Informal members share their expertise and collaborative capacity with the Nexus and its projects on an irregular, opportunity-specific basis, and collaborate with other Nexus members (informal, Governing, or Committee) through their engagement.